“First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to give you a warm welcome to our public speaking community. Our mission is to help both: individuals and business master their public speaking. I found a combination of actor’s training methods, Eastern mindfulness philosophy and Western leadership training can help to build real visible confidence and make your public speaking significantly STAND out..“

What We Do?

We are all about helping both individuals and businesses to master their public speaking.

Whether you are a complete beginner and want to build up your confidence in a very steady pace step by step process or you have some speaking experience down your belt and want to enhance your confidence and presence further. We have courses available for both.

We have a very friendly, supportive and non-judgmental environment, where you can come to practice some public speaking and get out of your comfort zone.

Corporate Hire

We are available for team training and corporate hire.

Whether you are looking to improve your employees communication/public speaking skills or you need assistance in preparing for a pitch, please get in touch with us by submitting a form with your requirements.

How We Do It?

“Our sessions follow the structure of a guided meditation, warm up exercises, energy building and speaking games,
impromptu speaking and optional prepared speeches”

How Do We Do It

We do not mould our speakers into a one fits all model, where we try to shape you into someone who you are not. Our principles are grounded in authenticity, where we encourage our students to express and grow more of their authentic selves.

In the class, we aim to identify what is authentic and natural to our students and we focus on bringing more of that out, which enables our speakers to identify their natural speaking style. We achieve this by encouraging our participants to explore being vulnerable and experiment with having ‘your guard’ down.

We believe being vulnerable = strength and not weakness. Instead of always attempting to be someone who we are not, which forces us to hide certain qualities from the public we encourage our attendees to be themselves because what we are is already as great and ‘full’ as we can be. When we aim to be more, or change/hide our weaknesses we allow our fears and anxieties to prosper. Hence, our goal is to help people reach a place of self-worth, self-love and self-acceptance. In short, learning to be vulnerable is a big theme underlying our philosophy.

"I love what I do, because, whilst I get to help people overcome their fears and anxieties, I get to learn so much about psychology, communication and the core of what makes us human, which is our vulnerability. I have found that embracing our vulnerability has a direct impact on our confidence. Confidence, for me, is about feeling the freedom to be yourself in every situation and there isn’t another way of achieving this, but by accepting who you are, embracing your imperfections. We encourage our students to take off their mask’s and be themselves, through which they find a strength in reconnecting to their true selves.”

Why Us?

Finding your voice and freedom in being yourself

Our training’s revolve around the core themes of vulnerability and authenticity, which we believe are the most important elements of a competent communicator.

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You will get plenty of practice

Our workshops are very practice-oriented. We make sure that every single attendee participates in every exercise. We believe practice makes perfect.

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You will get to play while learning

We have found that through playfulness we can reconnect with an inner child that isn’t self-conscious but is more impulsive and intuitive.

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Upcoming Courses...

Public Speaking
Beginners Course (5 weeks)

Be in control of your fears

Feel much more confident about your public speaking

Deliver smoothly a 3 minute speech

Use the techniques you learned outside of class

Enjoy public speaking more than you fear it!

Booth Room, Abbey Centre
34 Great Smith Street
London, SW1P3BU

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Public Speaking Beginners Course

Public Speaking
Intermediate Course (8 weeks)

Overcome any speaking nerves

Be able to tell engaging stories

Have an ability to inspire and entertain your audience

Make use of powerful rhetorical device

Become a competent and impactful speaker

Booth Room, Abbey Centre
34 Great Smith Street
London, SW1P3BU

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Public Speaking Intermediate Course

About Your Public Speaking Coach

Michael Sokolin holds a BA in Entrepreneurship and Management and an MA in Consultancy and Coaching from Lancaster University. He has worked as a management consultant in A.T. Kearney and managed an international team in the strategy department of Groupon.

Post working in the corporate world, Michael trained as a professional actor and a public speaker. Following his training he has constructed a strategic step-by-step approach for gaining more confidence in public speaking. His training offers a blend of the corporate world and actor’s training including improvisational theatre, clowning and stand-up comedy technique.

Michael’s goal is to identify your weakest areas, and focus mainly on them, so you can grow your confidence in the most practical way. Michael is known for his gentle and kind approach in pushing other’s of their comfort zone, helping people exceed their own expectations.

Michael Sokolin Public Speaking London


"I attended the 5 week course in preparation for a best man speech, I also had some one on one sessions with Mike before the big day. I would really recommend the course and the sessions to anyone looking to get more comfortable with public speaking. I am so glad I did it. Not only did I feel really relaxed and prepared on the big day, but I also found a knock effect that I was much more confident speaking at meetings at work. Definitely worth the time and money!"
TomSatisfied Customer
"I completed the 5 week course and am so glad I did it. I've done corporate presentation training before but this was so much better with helping with the fear of public speaking. Mike puts a lot of effort into it and is really good at giving helpful feedback ad getting the other group members to give feedback. He is very good at cultivating a friendly environment so that you are not afraid to fail which I've never had in any of the more corporate training. Fantastic value for money and it was surprisingly fun as well!"
JoanneSatisfied Customer
"I was terrified of public speaking, fear would totally paralyze me if i have to stand up in front of people and say something, taking part in this course was the best thing I ever done to overcome this fear, thanks to this course I was successful at the interviews and was offered a place at university, really happy now, :)))) I would recommend this course to everyone who struggles with social anxiety, non - judgmental and supportive environment help a lot to relax, I found out the more I talk in front of people the more easier it is, I will certainly go back to this course again :)"
AnnaSatisfied Customer
"I had never done public speaking or a course about it of any kind before starting a 5 week session with Michael. Michael's course is about so much more than just standing up in front of a group. There are a lot of essential breathing and vocal exercises as well as various "word game" warm ups with the whole group. He carefully explains why these are so important and gives everyone a very safe space to explore what is to many such a challenging issue. Michael highlights the common fears and phobias we all have when under the spotlight. His approach is to allow us to express ourselves how we are, if we learn to drop the mask we're all wearing. He's not teaching a one size fits all method which is refreshing. He is very likeable and approachable. As he points out, it is a journey. I need more practice and I would recommend it especially if you're "shaking in your boots" like I was. I look forward to doing another 5 weeks (at the next level) with Michael."
PierSatisfied Customer
"This course has been invaluable for me - Michael is kind, considerate, welcoming, and yet still manages to push you out of your comfort zone, beyond what you think you're capable of. I've had a fear of public speaking for a number of years, but now I'm genuinely beginning to seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I'd wholeheartedly recommend his classes to anyone who's afraid of public speaking, or anyone who feels they simply need to practice and get better/improve. Everybody is welcome :) "
SeanSatisfied Customer
"Great class! I've just completed the beginners' course and the first couple of sessions I was so scared to talk in front of the class that I couldn't breathe. By the end of it, I felt a lot more confident and actually started to enjoy speaking in front people, one of my biggest fears EVER. All this thanks to Mike. He's a great unconventional teacher, he totally "shocked" me out of my comfort zone countless times and that was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend that you join this group if the idea of speaking in front of strangers scares you and makes you nervous. You'll learn a lot, about public speaking and about yourself."
SilviaSatisfied Customer

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